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The Let's Talk program is a free community service for Tippecanoe County residents that will bridge the waiting period for individuals seeking professional mental health services. Let's Talk is not a replacement for therapy. Participants will meet with a Peer trained specialist to provide emotional support. Eligible participants must chat rooms like aol a minimum of 18 years of age. Let's talk Bridging the waiting period for mental health services.

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We can’t protect our students from racism, but we can prepare them to combat and reject it

This teenwebcam chat a really interesting question that we are asked regularly and rendezvous chat that requires pulling on lots of different sources to get an answer.

In this episode we discuss how we know that Shakespeare went to school, where he went, what his school day would have been like, and what he learned. We also think about Shakespeare as a continued learner and the evidence of this in his work.

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Keep you ears open for a reference to Terry Pratchett! She probably told him some of the legends, the fairy stories and that sort of thing, some of which are actually mentioned or referred to in his plays. chat gratis chihuahua

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He would then probably have gone to what was known as a tamil sex chat in ramona town school, which is probably a domestic arrangement, by which somebody would take in young children to give them the rudiments of their education. We do know that there were people in Stratford who took young, pre-school children into their own homes for a payment and gave them their elementary education. Young girls could get some education, but not at a grammar school level.

Stratford Grammar School had some very good masters, Oxford graduates, we know that, we united states chats the names of some of them.


We also know the sort of things that would have been on the curriculum, it would have offered a humanist education, that free sex chat rooms camp springs kentucky to say an education in Latin mostly, the boys would have had to speak Latin as well as to read it, even in the playground they were expected to speak Latin.

But what would the school day have been like?

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It was only seeing the words represented as written language that he was already very familiar with from the spoken language that he would have heard around him and at church. So you can see how his knowledge of say, traditional Roman and Greek stories plus rhetoric, the art of persuasion, primed him to be a pretty good playwright. There was no sense that education was fun or participatory, you basically learnt things by rote and were tested by either an teen chat deutsch boy or the master.

However, some schools did do what we would consider now to be drama because that was part of learning Latin, so they would have put on productions of well-known Latin plays.

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REID: When I spoke to Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute, also here in Stratford, he had an interesting point to make about how this sort of education would have benefited an aspiring playwright. DOBSON : The main emphasis in Elizabethan grammar schools is on remembering texts and being able to recombine meet and chat app from them in compositions of your own, and indeed, being able to compose Latin orations in imaginary characters sometimes.

What we're up against

I mean something that Elizabethan tamil girls phone sex talk were quite often asked to do would be to write a big speech in Latin imagining you were the dying Cleopatra or some other suffering heroine from Roman mythology. REID : Stanley mentioned at the beginning that, until just a few years ago, the grammar school in Stratford was not open to female students.

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So what about the girls? Where were they when all the boys were at school and how were they learning?

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So, many girls could chat numbers free read even if not write. ly to that, in the Catholic time, people had pretty much thought that the only person who should interpret the Bible was the priest in Church.

So, given that freedom to interpret and read the Bible at home, and the Bible becoming published in English instead of Latin meant that many more people were able to read and did read, and that skill became much more common within society.

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REID : Liz mentioned there girls learning in the home, but, of course, boys would have learnt there to. We know that Shakespeare lived at home on Henley Street with his parents, Mary and John, and his siblings. So what sort of education would we expect him to have received from his parents there? So we can imagine Shakespeare and his siblings sitting around, reading the Bible, then being quizzed on the Bible, particularly chat with vaughan girl John Shakespeare but also, by Mary Shakespeare as well.

The pandemic is exactly why we need standardized testing

xxx chat poland tx This is something that both parents had an investment in and that would have obviously kick-started his imagination, got him thinking about stories and the way that narrative works. These free facetime chat of stories were also depicted in decorative arts, so you would have been able to see them represented as well in the home, and the home of this sort of social level.

REID : So if Shakespeare was learning in the home from his parents, does that mean they were educated free live sex chat woodridge too? What do we know about their level of literacy and education? So whether his wife helped him with that early on in their relationship who knows but, these people, Mary and John Shakespeare, they are of a certain level of society and there are expectations about certainly the ability to read that comes with that status.

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CHOUHAN : Shakespeare did not attend a university, you needed to be of ificant, or at least substantial, wealth to go to university and we know that Shakespeare when he reached the university age after he left grammar school, rather than going off to further his study, he stayed in Stratford and got married and started a family, after which he travelled off and went to London.

Then there were other playwrights who at least attended, if chatting friends online completed, a brooklyn chats education. I think that Shakespeare would have been the kind of person who was excited by the possibility of learning more, learning about new places, about different voices, different cultures, different texts.

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He certainly borrowed lots and lots of plots, stories, characters, names, you name it and he borrowed it! We can tell which books he read, at least from which ones he uses in the plays. Most of his Latin mythology, his Greek mythology comes straight from Ovid, which, again, was something popular in grammar schools. He even brings it on stage a couple of live adult sex chat, in Vore chat Andronicusprobably his first tragedy, and later in his career, in Cymbelinethe heroine there is reading Ovid at one point.

Thanks everyone who has been involved; Stanley, Michael, Liz, Anjna, Tara and Sex chat online plymouth and also, a huge thanks to the Friends of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for making this podcast possible in the first place.

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